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Watershed Restoration Action Strategy for the Upper Des Plaines River
Detailed Map of the Des Plaines River Watershed pdf

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Watershed Tours

2008 - Flood Response: On the Path to Drier Ground

Illinois Dept. of Natural Resources
Lake County Forest Preserve District
Lake County Health Department
Lake County Stormwater Management Commission
Lower Des Plaines Ecosystem Partnership
Watershed Groups:
Buffalo Creek Clean Water Partnership
Bull Creek / Bulls Brook Watershed
Conserve Lake County
Citizens for Conservation
Friends of McDonald Creek
Brushwood Center at Ryerson Woods
Indian Creek Watershed Project
Liberty Prairie Foundation
North Mill Creek/Dutch Gap Canal Subwatershed
Salt Creek Watershed Network
Sierra Club River Prairie Group
Program Presentations

UPDREP Activities Overview 2010

Green Seams Program   12-10

Phosphorus Fertilizer Bans in Lake County   Kelly Deem, Lake County Health Department, Water Quality Specialist 3-09

Vernon Hills Phosphorus Ban   David H. Brown, P.E., CFM Village Engineer  3-09

A Biological Assessment of North Shore Sanitary District Point Source Discharges to the Des Plaines River 2004-2006
Robert S. Flood. October 25, 2007 Aquatic Biologist   10-25-07

From Grey to Green:A Watershed Approach    Sam Adams, Portland City Commissioner   9-07

Rain Garden Workshop    Roger Bannerman, Wisconsin DNR  3-07

Sensible Salting      Mark DeVries, McHenry County DOT  1-07

Impacts of Winter Road Management on the Water Quality of Lake County Lakes 
Shaina Keseley, Water Quality Specialist, LCHD-Lakes Management Unit

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